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Celebs are finally talking about their new faces

A few months ago, I had a lower-face and neck lift. Before the surgery, a nurse called to give me a list of what to bring for my two-night recovery in a hotel. Along with a baby toothbrush and arnica tablets, she said, “Don’t forget a headscarf and sunglasses so no one will recognize you.”

I politely declined. First of all, since I’m a noncelebrity, no one would care. Second, I’d already told all my friends what I was about to do. Three of them were also about to undergo procedures, and together, we’d traded tips and not-for-prime-time selfies.....   read more, Elle

33 New Year's and NYE Hairstyles to Wear While Ringing in 2022.

No matter your celebration of choice, you can always wear a New Year’s hairstyle and matching New Year's Eve makeup look (getting ready is always the best part of the night, anyway). Put it on IG, be in bed before midnight, everyone wins! Or, if you're gonna make it a 4 a.m. kinda night, you need a look that'll last as long as your feet in those glittery shoes you've been dying to wear all year.

Now's the time for making your hair look the best it ever has: We're talkin' sparkles, braids, volume, extensions...maybe all the above. Need some NYE hair inspo? Keep scrolling for the 33 most gorgeous hairstyles to get you inspired for the most glamorous night (in or out) of the year....   read more, Cosmopolitan

Successful women on How to Network like a Pro...

Networking shouldn’t be any more than building your own support system,” suggests Isabel Sachs, founder of I LIKE NETWORKING. “There are so many moments when we turn to it: career advice, finding jobs and leads, learning new skills, sharing solutions for common problems. It’s like having your work team – but you get to choose all your colleagues.”

Top networking tips to help boost your career opportunities:

Don’t be put off IRL events by nerves.

It’s natural not to feel comfortable at professional events – especially if you don’t know anyone. But don’t let that stop you from signing up for them. “Remember that everyone is there for the same reason as you, and most likely the majority of guests are feeling exactly the same as you,” urges Stef Stanley, co-founder and CEO of Ok Mentor. Her advice for calming those nerves? “My trick is to always approach those who are also alone, as they are more likely to be receptive.” .... read more, Marie Clare

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