Healthy Arts of Living, enhanced your lifestyle with beautiful, experience yours and family life with amazing and fantastic memory

  Healthy lifestyle is essential to your well-being

Healthy Arts of Living

offers you selections of personalized sessions of Beauty, Wellness, Training and Coaching programmes to meet your needs and for your best benefit.

Our focus is to bring unique selection of Wellness programmes, workshops and classes to our clients. We aim to prevent problems such as depression, burn out and anxiety from developing in the first place. Improving any one area of your life will increase your global self-esteem and generate its positive effects to other areas of your life.

A choice of freedom, opportunity and taking control of your health will help determine a healthy future both physical and for entire being - body, mind and soul.

A Wellness lifestyle is a commitment to balance and growth as a whole person.

"Every human being is the author of his health or disease" Buddha



Summer Qigong - Live online - dont miss out this opportunity!   

Five elements Qigong in coorporation with Folkuniversitetet.                  

Course tuition is in Swedish, direct link below

Afterwork Qigong, tuition in Swedish or English, more information pls contact us.



Pets love healing - we LOVE our pets, let them enjoy PETS Wellness

Health is Wealth Invest in YOU


There are many possibilities therapy offered. But we can only achieve an optimal result on our health through correct treatment, preparation and appropriate regular aftercare.

The pure benefits by choosing natural treatment is that you will not only care for your body and contribute to a holistic healthy lifestyle, wellness & sustainability, You are also making a positive impact on the planet.

Healthy Arts of Living have many selection of Health, Beauty and from Mindfulness training to leadership coaching for your career and personal needs.

Our mindset at Healthy Arts of Living,

"Get to the roots, Provide the tools and Focus on the solutions"

YOU can be BOTH A MASTERPIECE and CREATION simultaneously.